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Trimetal ZX 3 Wood Ladies Right Handed Offset by Orlimar
Trimetal ZX 3 Wood Ladies Right Handed Offset by Orlimar
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  • Optimal Loft Choices. The TriMetal XR Fairways come in both #3 15? and #5 19? lofts.
    • Tungsten Sole Weights for Improved Launch Properties. A dense tungsten sole weight is strategically imbedded in the sole in a neutral position. This discretionary weight distribution to a lower and deeper position promotes lower spin and a higher launch angle. Paired with the latest ball technology, these attributes produce a longer more penetrating ball flight.
    • 17-4 Stainless Superior Strength Body. The TriMetal XR Fairway body is comprised of 17-4 stainless which has high chromium content for a brilliant finish, solid feel, and gratifying sound.
    trimetal• Stainless Maraging Steel Face for Superior Performance. 13% lighter than stainless steel, maraging steel is extremely strong and light. The weight that is saved on the face can be relocated to the sole, aiding both trajectory and forgiveness. When Orlimar’s engineers combine the unique properties of these three high-performance metals, the result is an extremely easy-hitting fairway wood.
    • Pro Series Aldila® 60 Low-torque Shaft. The TriMetal XR Fairway Wood is powered by the Pro Series Aldila 60 low-torque shaft. These shafts are performance-matched to the head’s unique properties. The shaft’s torque, or resistance to twisting on the downswing, is optimized to withstandcentrifugal swing forces. This provides the golfer with the accuracy of square impact while still allowing the shaft’s flex-response to impart maximum force through impact.
    • Golf Pride® New Decade Rubber Grip. With a new look and feel, these grips utilize an innovative composite rubber formula for all weather control. Made especially for Orlimar, these all black grips wear the Orlimar logo proudly. With the dominant grip on the PGA Tour, Golf Pride remains the right choice for performance.
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