Dymo 5 Wood Ladies RH Graphite by Nike
Dymo 5 Wood Ladies RH Graphite by Nike
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Nike SQ Dymo Drivers are engineered from the ground up with the express purpose of optimizing the launch and spin by loft. Performance is maximized in every loft by varying multiple specifications from lie angle, to MOI (moment of inertia) and CG (center of gravity) placement, to overall head size and face depth.

Square geometry is about straight and long, great sound, optimal launch by loft, and great looks. A new folded round geometry repositions square mass into a round format for workable distance and control. Two designs for the player that wants to “swing away.”


  • UST Wide Body Shaft Design with AXIV Core: Ultra lightweight shaft power through speed and stability. A larger overall diameter throughout the body maintains shaft stability at impact. AXIV Core material in the tip section for power
  • SQ Grips: Designed for maximum grip on the top half, and fantastic feel on the bottom, these grips will give you control and power shot after shot.
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