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Training Kit Left Hand by Orlimar Golf
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Training Kit Left Hand by Orlimar Golf
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Training Kit Left Hand by Orlimar Golf


The Orlimar Training Kit includes a Swing Trainer Weighted 8 Iron and TargetLine Golf Alignment Stix. The weighted 8 iron is a great tool to warm up any round of golf with. Featuring a molded grip handle, you will learn to keep your hands in their proper grip position. This swing trainer will help build your muscle memory if you tweak your swing in any way. This weighted 8 Iron will help you hit balls in the precise spot to touch the sweet spot every time. You’ll learn how to strike golf balls correctly and accurately. The Alignment Stix are multipurpose golf training aids designed for beginner players as well as more advanced golfers. Not only are these Stix great for improving your overall golf game, they also help you target specific problem areas such as your alignment, body movement, swing plane and can even touch up your putts. These TargetLine Alignment Stix help golfer’s regain their posture and, therefore, alter the direction of their golf balls by aiming golfers’ body correctly. These two training aids together will help improve accuracy and correct ball striking.

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