Tour 3 Progressive Iron Set 3-PW By Orlimar Golf
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Tour 3 Progressive Iron Set 3-PW By Orlimar Golf
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The Tour 3 irons are a player’s progressive iron set designed to give golfers the feel of a forged iron, yet the playability and forgiveness of a cast iron. Made of 1025 carbon forged steel, the low, mid, and high irons are specifically designed to maximize performance and shot making. The higher irons have more of a classic blade look and feel for scoring and the lower irons are designed for more forgiveness. USGA conforming grooves. Pure® grips, Dynamic Gold R300/S300/X100 shafts.

Progressive Set:

3 and 4 irons has an undercut cavity

  • Launches the ball higher
  • Lands softer to hold the greens

  • 5, 6, 7 irons has a mid-muscle back

  • Added mass behind the sweet spot to generate consistent power and control
  • Thin top line, looks like a true blade from address
  • Thin sole for great turf interaction

  • 8, 9, PW irons are pure muscle backs

  • The player will be able to work the ball more with these scoring irons
  • Thin top line for a blade look at address
  • Thin sole for strong turf interaction
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