Spider Blade Putter by TaylorMade Golf
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Spider Blade Putter by TaylorMade Golf

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Spider Blade Putter by TaylorMade Golf

For years Tour pros have begged TaylorMade to create a heel-toe weighted blade that offered a similar leap in stability and forgiveness offered by their Spider putters. They?ve answered with Spider Blade, the most stable blade-style putter TaylorMade has ever made.

Spider Blade?s head construction consists of 11 parts made of 8 materials -- 304 stainless steel, 17-4 stainless steel, aluminum, 3M Foam, tungsten, polycarbonate, Surlyn and TPU ? which allowed TaylorMade to take more weight out of the center of the head than with any blade they?ve ever made and move it to the heel and toe. That?s where Spider Blade?s high MOI comes from.

Spider Blade?s head is counterbalanced with a 130-gram grip that?s twice as heavy as a typical putter grip. Counterbalancing increases the MOI of the entire club, making it 50% more stable than a traditional putter. TaylorMade's Tour Staff pros who helped to develop the putter say counterbalancing makes it easier to keep the head moving on your intended path.

  • Tremendously high MOI in a blade-style head--5200--for outstanding twist-resistance and distance-control on off-center hits.
  • 130-gram grip counterbalances head-weight to help you swing the head smoothly and on path
  • Counter-balanced Spider Blade is 50% more stable based on overall club MOI values than a traditional putter.
  • PureRoll Surlyn? insert promotes soft-yet-solid feel and smooth roll straight off the face.
  • White leading edge and linear alignment aid in the cavity make aiming easy.
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