FG Tour Wedge Right Handed 60 by Wilson
FG Tour Wedge Right Handed 60 by Wilson
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FG Tour Wedge Right Handed 60 by Wilson


FG Tour wedges are the newest addition to the FGfamily of player?s products. Starting with Wilson?sexceptional original designs ? some of the most copiedwedge styles in the game today ? Wilson club makersworked with Padraig Harrington, Ricky Barnes andother Tour professionals to deliver a family of precisionwedges that meet every shot requirement, coursecondition and style of play.


1. Visual Cues

  • Meticulous CAD design and Tour player feedbackmelds shape and size to deliver ultimateconfidence at address.


    2. CNC-Milling and Max-Spec Grooves

  • Fine CNC-milling carves the most aggressive grooves allowedunder the new Rules of Competition.
  • An additional milled pattern is etched into the face at the optimumangle of impact to deliver greater ball control from wet and longgrass.


    3. Unique Sole Designs

  • The 58ø and 60ø wedges feature hand grinds in the heel tolower the leading edge, allowing the face to be opened for morecreative shot-making.
  • Generous camber and bounce promote smooth turf interaction.
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