Rossa Giallo Inza CS Putter Right Hand 35" By TaylorMade
Rossa Giallo Inza CS Putter Right Hand 35" By TaylorMade
Price: $199.99


Boost your accuracy and improve your touch on the green with TaylorMade's Rossa Giallo Inza right-handed men's putter. TaylorMade engineers created a weighting system with an extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI), which boosts the putter's forgiveness, distance, control, and accuracy on mis-hits. The putter is also outfitted with Anti-skid Groove System Insert+ (AGSI) technology, which incorporates 14 closely positioned, uniquely shaped grooves to help promote forward spin and reduce skid and bounce. Whereas a typical putter produces backspin at impact--which makes the ball skid and bounce before the forward roll begins, thus producing an unpredictable line--the AGSI+ system is engineered to produce forward spin immediately, helping keep the ball on line from the start. Good forward spin also increases distance control, so you don't come up short unexpectedly. And like all other Rossa face inserts, the AGSI+ is made of Titallium, a seven-metal alloy that's 40 percent lighter than steel yet extremely durable. Each groove, meanwhile, is filled with a soft polymer filling that absorbs unwanted impact vibration and contributes to the Giallo Inza's satisfying feel at impact. TaylorMade also equipped the putter with its Movable Weight Technology, which allows players to change the Giallo Inza's feel by installing differently weighted TLC cartridges in the two rear TLC ports. The amount of weight that can be installed ranges from 4 grams (two 2-gram TLC cartridges) to 28 grams (two 14-gram cartridges), giving you plenty of options.
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