Exotics XCG5 3 Fairway Wood 15.0 RH Regular Fujikura by Tour Edge
Exotics XCG5 3 Fairway Wood 15.0 RH Regular Fujikura by Tour Edge
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Exotics XCG5 3 Fairway Wood 15.0 RH Regular Fujikura by Tour Edge


An uncompromising design approach, the XCG5 fairway features an innovative titanium cup face and crown, a beta titanium face insert for added distance, and a heavy tungsten sole plate that provides 68% of the club head?s total weight. In fact, the XCG5 is the only fairway wood on the market to use a titanium cupped face and tungsten sole. The titanium offers exceptional distance while the tungsten allows for a smaller more traditional-sized head with a low center of gravity - and the combination delivers driver-like distance with remarkable forgiveness.

The XCG5 fairway wood delivers a new benchmark in performance. Unlike other fairway woods, we?ve eliminate welding by brazing the titanium and tungsten parts. Extremely expensive, combo-brazing is utilized when only the highest-quality joint is needed. The parts must be fitted to 1/1000 of an inch and the base metals must be exceptionally clean and free of oxides. The process is expensive because it is performed inside a vacuum chamber over several hours. The end result is exceptional because it greatly reduces residual part stresses by using slow heating and cooling cycles. This,in turn, significantly improves the thermal and mechanical properties of the material for longer better feeling shots.

Tour Edge engineers will help you set new distance records with our Boomerang face design. This super-charged design offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that make the most of the rebound effect from more points on the face. The V-shaped boomerangs allow for thinner and thicker areas on the face that produce a hotter launch and superlative feel even on off center hits.

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